Who we are

At Wayhome we are reinventing homeownership by co-investing with people who haven't been able to buy a home yet. We’re a small team of property specialists, data scientists, engineers and creatives, who are addressing one of the biggest and most life-changing problems our customers have: how they can get the security and freedom of homeownership for their families and for themselves.

We believe in the power of a shared goal and set of beliefs. Our core values are the commitments we’ve made to each other: they’re what unite us, guiding our decision-making and driving us to deliver our best work.

Our vision

People deserve to live where they love, and love where they live, in a home of their own.

Home matters. A house is just a structure. A property is just a rung on the ladder. But home?

Home is a place to be unashamedly you. Somewhere you can put down roots and settle in for the future. A place to return to after life's adventures.

We will untie the knots homeownership is in. We’re not looking for perfect, but there are ways to make it better. Right now homeownership is rigid and we know it can be flexible. 

There should be new ways to get your foot on and off the ladder. You should be able to buy the same type of home you can rent and you shouldn’t have to give up your home because you’re shackled to a buying chain. As your family grows, your home should too. And as you grow older, the home you’ve loved shouldn’t become a burden. Nobody should feel forced to sell.

Everyone should have access to decent homes. You deserve your own place. Your own space. Somewhere you can makes plans for and from. Somewhere comfortable to kick back in. Somewhere secure to settle in. 

Our vision, in short, is a new way home.

Why we do what we do

Help us make a difference to peoples lives - for the better 🙌🏻

We care. About our purpose, our customers and each other.

We deliver. We do great work, own our outcomes and find a way.

We collaborate. We embrace teamwork, share our knowledge and help each other grow.

We innovate. We’re curious, open-minded and challenge the status quo.

If you believe that what you're doing is right... you’re trusted to deliver on it.

Sian Jones
Head of Product

It’s great working in an environment where everyone’s supportive and trusting of each other, and where we’re all genuinely on the same page

Chee Diep
Head of Frontend & Design

✨ Perks & benefits ✨

  • Unlimited holidays with a minimum 28 days/yr
  • Your choice of hardware
  • Monthly team outings budget
  • Remote working AND a pet-friendly office
  • Cycle to work scheme
  • Learning budget of up to £600 per year
  • Mental health budget
  • Stock options for high performance

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Hear from the team

What’s it like to work at Wayhome? 

Here's what some of our team had to say about why they joined and what's great about their roles at Wayhome

Siân Jones, Head of Product

What made you want to join Wayhome?

The challenges linked to owning a home is something I’ve always felt strongly about and Wayhome’s mission to Reinvent Homeownership really appealed to me from the start.

Even though we’ve all been working remotely ever since I started, I’ve felt really welcome and the time has just flown by.

How are you and the Product team helping to make one of the biggest and most life-changing experiences in life better for aspiring homeowners?

We know how stressful it can be purchasing (and managing) a home, which can really dampen the joy of buying and living in a home. The product we’re delivering is aimed at removing the stress and worry, reinventing homeownership for the better.

What's the best thing about working for Wayhome?

Everything’s up for discussion! And if you believe that what you're doing is right, and you have the data to back it up, youre trusted to deliver on it.

What's special about your role here?

We’ve got really strong and experienced leadership team, who truly trust the people they've hired. It means I’ve got a great deal of autonomy in my role and how I go about my work.

Chee Diep, Lead Frontend Engineer

What’s special about your role here?

The amount of trust and autonomy that my team and I have. There’s no micro-managing, or having set solutions given to you. We’ve got the freedom to suggest ideas and solve problems ourselves.

What made you want to join Wayhome?

The difficulties faced by first time buyers is something I can definitely relate to as I’m also trying to buy without the help of The Bank of Mum and Dad. 

So when I found Wayhome, it felt like somewhere that I could use my skills and experience for something that actually helps people with a real world problem.

How are you, and the rest of the Frontend Dev team, helping to make one of the biggest and most life-changing experiences in life easier/better for aspiring homeowners?

It’s a joint effort! We work closely with our Product team to create tools that will remove plenty of the stress out of home buying for our customers, by making it more efficient to buy homes. These kind of things can really make a big impact to such an important moment for lots of the people we’ll be helping.

What’s the best thing about working for Wayhome?

Without a doubt, it’s the people. It’s great working in an environment where everyone’s supportive and trusting of each other, and where we’re all genuinely on the same page. We want to help people move away from renting and towards owning.

Our HQ

The heart of London

WeWork 1 Poultry

1 Poultry, London EC2R 8EJ

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